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2021 Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving is almost here, and so are the decorating preparations. While the food is ultimately the most important prep needed before Thanksgiving, the décor also goes a long way to setting the atmosphere. Should you go with a fall look? Or maybe launch straight into the reds and greens of Christmas? If you still haven’t dressed up your table or found any ideas that really speak to you, check out some of our decorating recommendations down below!

Get a Center Piece

The foundation (literally) for any Thanksgiving dinner is always the table. More than any other piece of décor, it’s highly likely that your friends and family will be looking at the table, especially when you’re passing around dishes. A centerpiece is a great start if you still haven’t decided on a theme, and it can be anything from a craft made by one of your kids, to a two-foot glass turkey.

Decorate With Gratitude Flowers

While decorating with pumpkins and gourds is a traditional seasonal delight, in the language of flowers there are plenty of other plants that mean “gratitude” for you to choose from. If you’re open to some fresh colors, the beautiful fuchsia of sweet peas or the delicate blue and lavender hues of bellflowers may be a lovely edition to your Thanksgiving decorating.

Hang Up Old Thanksgiving Photos

Part of Thanksgiving is remembering all the things in life we have to be thankful for. Hanging up pictures from previous Thanksgivings is a great way to rekindle old memories and remind us of the cherished times we’ve spent with the people we love.

While Thanksgiving in Tampa may hardly feel like a fall holiday, décor can go a long way to creating a beautiful aesthetic to relish in while you feast on stuffing.

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