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"I met Nicole, one of the founders, within a few months after moving to Tampa and it was the best thing that happened to me! Her knowledge of the city, guidance for schools, doctors, restaurants, nightlife, areas to live, housing market, etc. was unbelievable and just what I needed as a newcomer to Tampa.

I’d highly recommend Relocate Tampa Bay to anyone moving here! They are a valuable resource that will change your life!"


Courtney Steiner

"Nicole was one of the first moms I met in Tampa, and, even though she had only been in town a few months longer than I had, she was a treasure trove of information. Our daughters were very young, and only a few days apart, and she immediately introduced me to groups that she had joined, and told me about others that fit our family's interests, even if they may not have been a good match for her family. Nicole was and is so good at learning about and following up on what engages the people she meets, and also introduces us to things we might not necessarily know we might enjoy. I think moving to Switzerland a few years ago helped her even addition to continuing to build on relationships with her Tampa friends while she was gone, she learned new ways to integrate into the community once she came back. She and her family are still (always!) exploring things around town that other residents never even knew were here, and then sharing them with the rest of us. And if she recommends a resource, I know that she has thoroughly researched all of the possibilities, and this is the best choice based on reputation, service, and price. Nine years later, she still sends me to new places our family would enjoy, and includes me in groups where she knows I'd make friends.

I almost wish I were new to Tampa so I could use Relocate Tampa Bay, because I know I'd have an incredible resource in Nicole!"


Holly Waldron

"Six years ago my husband, three kids plus one baby on the way, packed our bags and left our New York City life to begin a new life in Tampa, Florida. Although I had three friends from college spread around the Tampa area who were great resources for us, there lives like mine were full, and I didn't want to barrage them with all of my moving questions. If Relocate Tampa Bay had existed when we were moving here, I definitely would have used their services and saved myself some sleepless nights. As a mom and a woman who likes to do things on her own, it can be hard to ask for help, but personally knowing Nicole Mulrooney, co-founder of Relocate Tampa Bay, I'd ask her and trust her for anything. Nicole goes beyond the extra mile for her Relocate Tampa Bay clients, and she gives them the peace of mind knowing they're in great hands. She's knowledgeable, she's resourceful and she's dedicated and using Relocate Tampa Bay is the best way to make your move to the Sunshine State as seamless as possible. Welcome to sunny Florida!"


Bright Owens

"I have the privilege the know the owner of this company. Through the years I have seen her dedication and love that she delivers in every single thing and most importantly her family and community. She has been one of my key stone in my business too.

Let yourself be guide to the most beautiful city in Florida.

My best to you and your team.

God bless"


Genevieve Corredor

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