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Back-to-School Tips

As kids brave the new school year in Tampa, many families will be looking at supplies lists trying to figure out how to prepare their homes for the fast approaching new school year. So let’s look at three key ways you can set up you and your kids for success this new school year.

1. Create Space for Backpacks

Stumbling over backpacks in the doorway or unexpected areas of the house is both a hazard and a headache. Create a designated space for your kids to put their bags when they come home from school. It doesn’t matter whether it be the closet, a two-dollar compartment box, or a hook.

2. Buy Lunchboxes and Locker Supplies

If you’re planning to send your kids to school with lunch, it’s definitely worth investing in a lunchbox that will keep leftovers and sandwiches cool until lunch break. On Target’s website, they have lunchboxes of all kinds for you to choose from, ranging from unicorn lunch boxes to totes. You also might want to get some locker accessories like an organizing stand or a mirror too.

3. Design Home Workspaces

While some kids will be returning to in-person schooling this fall, just as many are likely to be continuing their education at home. Set up a workspace so that your kids can receive their education with minimal interruption. If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, take a look at this page on Pinterest for inspiration. A year is a long time be sitting doing homework at the dining room table, so if you can, create a space where your kids will feel excited and inspired to learn.

With all these tips in mind, also be sure to check in with your school on any specific COVID-19 guidelines they might have or additional supplies recommendations. Happy shopping, and good luck!

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