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Updated: Sep 12, 2019

We are so excited to start our company and finally it's up and running! It's not coincidence that we start a relocation company in Tampa Bay - there is a lot of thought and research behind it. Another big contributor was our personal experiences. Both me and my partner Nicole have traveled a lot and moved to different states and countries in our past. We both ended up in Tampa and LOVE it and want to share that excitement with you!

Visit to Niagara Falls in December 2018

Moving across the Atlantic

In 2007 Liina moved from Sweden to the sunny coast of Southern California. Her husband, Olof got an opportunity to work for an IT company there and since Liina stayed home initially, she was the one who took care of the whole settling in process. "Without knowing anyone, it took me double the time to figure everything out. I wish I would of had someone local to guide me and answer all the questions. I still remember it took me a month to find out that Target existed!" Often it's the small things that make the move and settling in process so much faster and easier.

When Nicole and her family relocated to Switzerland they were fortunate enough to have a relocation company to represent them. The day they landed and went on their first look-see tour, the consultant picked them up at the hotel, showed the city that they soon would call home. The consultant answered all the questions they had with her expertise and insight of the market. "It was so comforting to know that I had a “friend” who really was after my best interests and connected me to a community that I instantly felt a connection to. I will always treasure our time as an expat, the memories we made, the places we saw and the friends we have kept". When returning back to Tampa and relocating all over again, but this time without any help, it was totally different experience. "I so wished that there had been a relocation expert near me to help guide me through the school process, insurance needs, movers, home service and other questions I had.

These are couple of our relocation stories, if you have one - we would love to hear it!

Check back soon, we will be posting more relevant topics and happenings in our lives and news in the community!

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