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How Tampa Is Moving Toward a Solar-Powered Future

While summits such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference address climate change on a global level, local communities are also developing their own strategies to combat climate change. Tampa Bay is no exception, especially as an area so close to the water. In this article, we’ll go over some of the major projects that are being launched to tackle climate change in Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay Electric Co. Partnering with USF On Clean Energy Projects

Tampa Bay Electric Co. (TECO) and the University of South Florida are planning to team up for a long-term partnership to utilize the research capabilities of USF and its combined students and faculty to reach zero-carbon emissions from TECO’s power plants by 2050. The collaboration between TECO and USF showcases how the Tampa Bay community pools together its resources and draws on the brilliant minds of its residents to create a better, more eco-friendly future.

The Tampa Bay Convention Center Is Going Solar

Taking advantage of the ongoing renovation project for the convention center, TECO and Tampa Mayor Jane Caster are working together to put solar panels on the roof of the convention center. In fact, the energy that will be generated by the 250,000 square feet of solar panels is estimated to produce enough energy to light up to 1800 homes! For the many people around the world visiting the Tampa Bay Convention Center and those within the local community, the move to add solar panels to the convention center also solidifies Tampa’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

While sustainability can be a lengthy process, Tampa Bay is dedicated to providing its community with sustainable solutions that will last for generations. Luckily, no matter how many solar panels Tampa installs, the sunshine is so plentiful year-round that we definitely won’t run out of solar power anytime soon.

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