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Moving doesn’t need to be scary!

Naturally, moving to a new city and community can be overwhelming. It is a big decision and it can make you feel anxious. Having a relocation specialist guide you through the process, can be a key to an easier and smoother transition.

A couple a weeks ago I sat down with a new Floridian, Stacy Kilfeather to talk about her recent moved to Tampa Bay Area from New Jersey. Stacy was fortunate enough to have a family here. “That was a big help” she says, “having someone local who can give you sound advice and guidance gives you a big advantage” she says. Another important aspect she mentioned was finding the right community. “I love my new community here in Safety Harbour, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. It’s so refreshing”

Stacy didn’t just move to Tampa Bay area she also started her own business. She is a licensed masseuse and is currently operating from ToniCity- Health and Wellness Spa in Safety Harbour.

Having the right resources, not only gives you access for the right information and guidance but also reduces the stressors and fears of moving.

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