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New Restaurants Opening in Tampa Bay Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of this two-part series on new restaurants opening this year in Tampa Bay! We hope that your foodie spirit is still raring to go as we go over the freshest dining experiences Tampa Bay has to offer.

Par Bar

Golf? Beer? Yes, please! Just opened this October, Par Bar is a two-in-one bar and mini-golf course experience in St. Petersburg in the Grand Central District. Whether you want to go putting with pals or have fantastic family fun, Par Bar will have you asking for one more round both at the bar and on the course.


While Timpano Hyde Park isn’t a new restaurant, it is one that hasn’t been open in a year due to the pandemic. With a new menu created under the supervision of Jason Saldutti and Michael Ferraro and a renovated interior, Timpano is bringing all the flavors and ingredients of an authentic Italian kitchen back to Hyde Park Village.


Another Italian pick for those who just can’t inject enough pasta, cheese, and sauce into their veins, Oronzo offers a casual Italian dining experience. Opening in Midtown in November, Oronzo is a great option for a quick bite at lunch. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to stuff an entire spaghetti dinner into a burrito, Oronzo’s got your back.

Feeling hungry yet? With all these options at your fingertips, who wouldn’t be tempted to reach for the car keys? Not only are there passionate chefs and staff behind these great new spots, but Hyde Village Park and Midtown are entertainment and shopping districts that will give you the urge to let the time fly as you explore all they have to offer and let your stomach prime itself for round two!

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