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New Restaurants Opening in Tampa in Fall 2022

Tampa is a thriving city with a growing restaurant scene. New restaurants pop up all the time. With new restaurants opening frequently, there is always something new to discover. Here are new restaurants opening in Tampa to keep an eye on.


When several big names in restaurants get together, it’s always a big deal. Leading restaurateurs from Westshore Pizza, King of the Coop, and Rock Brothers Brewing come together to create FLocale.

Located on Florida Avenue, FLocale is a sports bar with a modern design and food options from three of the best groups in town. A combination of great food and even better atmosphere make it a place that you need to try.

Flipn’ Fries Factory

Flipn’ Fries Factory is making a name for itself with a collection of French fry-based food options. Its first location is in Wesley Chapel in the Krate Park, a mall made entirely of shipping crates. However, a new location in Tampa is on the way!

Along with a new location, they are adding customization orders and online ordering options. You’ll be able to build your own fry meal, just the way you want it.

Gorkhali Kitchen

If you are into foods from around the world, add Gorkhali Kitchen to your list of places to try. Specializing in cuisine from Nepal, Gorkhali Kitchen gives you a taste of authentic Nepalese food options. Everything on the menu is made with locally sourced ingredients, giving you the freshest possible food to enjoy.

Wild Child

Wild Child is unlike most other restaurants, even in Tampa. It is an outdoor restaurant, or at least most of it is. This gives it a very open, exposed to the city feel at any time of day.

Wild Child serves tropical options and has a full bar with house-designed drinks. The menu rotates occasionally, so new options come in and out of the menu regularly. It is definitely worth checking out for the experience and the food is great, too.

There are plenty more places to try in the city. All you have to do is look for them. New restaurants are popping up all the time. When you do find a place that you like, make it a regular stop and share with your friends. Make sure that local restaurants get the support needed to stay a permanent fixture in Tampa.

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