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Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Magazine Article

Relocate Tampa Bay

When a client’s moving destination is also the home of Buccaneers and beaches, Relocate Tampa Bay co-founders Nicole Mulrooney and Liina Simren get to work. The Bay Area residents who serve as full-scale relocation matchmakers founded the company over a year ago. Since then, a diverse group of clients continue to add ‘Call Relocate Tampa Bay’ to their move-in lists.

C-Suite executives transferring from areas like Illinois have been popular clients. International transplants, general Florida sun-seekers and anyone else looking for local expert advice is welcomed. And though the company has only existed for a short while, Mulrooney and Simren cultivated years of experience before incorporating.

“I used a relocation service when my husband and I moved to Switzerland for a time,” Mulrooney says. “Their help was so vital in helping us navigate the entire process – of walking us through all the things you can’t discover on your own.”

The experience opened Mulrooney’s eyes to the myriad details that make a move a success. Schools and housing are important factors, she says, but what about the gym for the stay at home spouse who craves community and exercise? Or the customs forms required? Sharing a clear picture of the area is necessary for those who are not familiar with it, especially for homeowners used to large basements and high rises. Note: She can find the high rises in Downtown Tampa; the basements are a bust.

Simren likewise moved internationally and saw the need for extra help; she was born in Estonia, lived in Sweden and moved to the Tampa Bay Area nine years ago. The seemingly endless details that came with that move (social security cards, utility setup, shipments and so much more) gave her the confidence that a service like Relocate Tampa Bay could succeed.

The two women met through a mutual friend in Tampa, and the rest is destination service history. Their process begins when clients make contact; usually, that occurs about six months prior to the move. Any time frame between 3-6 months is standard, however, and no two moving situations are alike, which is why the working relationship always begins with detailed questions.

“We make the process very personalized,” Simren says. “What do they need: Rental or corporate housing? Suburban or city? Who will be moving with them? What type of community do they want to be a part of? We build our services around those answers.”

Services range from housing, school search and area orientation to settling in, leisure and spousal support. Though both women have extensive knowledge of the area, Relocate Tampa Bay partners with local experts such as vetted realtors to offer comprehensive service. For those planning to rent, they review the lease and ensure terms are appropriate. They’ll even tour homes for clients and provide video of the experience.

In this age of social distancing, these tours provide the next best option to seeing a residence in person, and Simren and Mulrooney make the experience as detailed and memorable. The goal is ultimately to help clients make the best choice possible with the information they have. Establishing that comfort is different for each person; by addressing major questions such as housing as well as attending to smaller details, Relocate Tampa Bay looks to address every nuance.

“It’s important to find an area where you’re around like-minded people,” Mulrooney says. “We help our clients make the most informed decisions; we want them to feel comfortable in their community.”

Both cite high level support as being their competitive advantage. This isn’t just a way to find a home, they say: it’s a way to find community. Both women went through a feeling of isolation upon moving in the past, and they want clients to feel fully at home in the Tampa area.

“We’re fortunate to live in a place people want to be – with great schools, beaches, restaurants and culture,” Mulrooney says. “We hope our clients come to us with all questions, big and small, so they can feel comfortable in their new city.”

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