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The Best Time of Year to Move

There are a lot of factors that contribute to when you decide to move. Sometimes a new job in another city wants you to start right away, or something urgent comes up and you must move back to your family. However, if you can choose when you want to move, we wrote this article to help you decide which season is best for you to pack up and go.


While summer is one of the most convenient times to move thanks to the kids being out of school, roughly 60% of fellow movers are thinking the same thing. Summer is the busiest market for moving and buying, so be prepared for the price to relocate to be higher during this time of year.


As for winter, the holidays are usually easier to make time around, which makes moving a lot easier. However, if you have to deal with ice or other weather conditions, there is a risk of you or someone else getting injured. Moving during the winter holiday season can also be expensive and time consuming. No one wants to sit in traffic during the holidays or have to pay hundreds of dollars extra to travel around Thanksgiving.

Spring & Fall

Ultimately, with all the extra expenses and risks of moving in summer and winter, fall and spring are the ideal times of the year to move house. With housing inventory already near record lows this spring, house hunting prospects in the summer will also be even more competitive than they already are.

The process from acquiring a home to moving can be lengthy, especially if you’re moving between states. Take your time to really plot out your timeline and pick what time of year is best for you to move.

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