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Three Reasons Tampa is the Number One Emerging City in Tech

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

For tech jobs, it often seems like your only option to build a career is by getting a job located in Silicon Valley. The problem with that is that you’ve crunched the numbers, asked around about the area, and decided that you really don’t want to live in California. If this sounds like you, a recent Forbes article listing Tampa as the number one major emerging city in tech might mean that maybe you don’t have to stick it out in Cali after all. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

1. Competitive Job Market

Tampa makes up an impressive 25% of tech jobs in Florida. It’s also home to more than 50 software and IT companies, which means that you can keep your job search competitive so that you can find a career that you find engaging, while also negotiating for the best salary and benefits.

2. Start-Up Support

If you’ve decided that you want to break away from leading tech companies and start an exciting venture of your own, Tampa is a great place to jumpstart your business. With plenty of start-ups being invested in every year through nonprofits such as Embarc Collective and companies like Florida Funders, there’s opportunities for mentorship and investment in Tampa that are designed to help your new business succeed.

3. Growing Job Market

With so many established tech companies and the heavy investment in start-ups, jobs in tech continue to grow, with 2,000 new tech jobs expected in Tampa this year. Even during the pandemic, job opportunities remain abundant in Tampa in the tech industry.

While Silicon Valley may seem like your only choice if you want a break-out career in tech, competition from Tampa means that you have more options when it comes to where you live, and what your career in tech looks like.

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