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Top Questions Buyers Ask Before Hiring a Realtor

Planning to buy a home is as intimidating and exciting as riding down the 90-degree drop of the Sheikra roller coaster at Busch Gardens. Your head may be full of numbers and all kinds of concerns as you lay in bed at night, but the giddiness you’ll experience once they hand you the key to your new home is unmatched. In this article, we want to answer some of the biggest questions buyers have so you know what your options are before you even call a realtor.

How Long Does a Seller Have to Respond to My Offer?

It depends. Generally, it varies between 12 hours and a few days. If you’re in a bidding war on a new listing, the window for offers is typically on the shorter side. If a house has been listed for several months, then offers may need a couple more days.

How to Win Multiple Offers on a House

Money talks. If you show a strong interest in the home by putting down a large down payment or a strong offer upfront, you’ll be more likely to win an offer. Really low-ball prices on a listing can be insulting to the buyer and they may refuse any future offers. Being respectful when negotiating with sellers can go a long way.

What if My Offer Is Rejected?

Nothing hurts quite like bidding on your dream home and having your offer rejected. However, if the owners don’t accept your offer or counter, you are allowed to bid on the home again. Of course, if you feel that another offer is outside of your budget, then you may have to start looking for alternatives.

Home buying can be a long and tedious process. By finding answers to your questions in advance, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress in the long run.

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