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Why People are Moving to Florida

It’s no secret that in the era of the pandemic, people have started to move from state to state, carefully calculating which new state to call home. One of

the states that people have gravitated toward the most is Florida. Down below, we will explain how weather, the approach to lockdown, and the lack of income tax have drawn people to move to Florida.

The Weather

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing, and with many states such as Texas experiencing more extreme cold weather in the past couple years, Florida is a snow-free haven. With ocean breezes coming from both sides of the state to keep the heat from becoming stale, and a climate that typically never falls below 60 degrees even in winter, for all the people tired of dealing with frozen pipes or shoveling snow, Florida is a dream destination.

The Freedom

Florida has largely avoided the heavily restricted lockdowns that states such as California or New York have faced, and now that mandatory mask mandates have been banned by the governor and the recent change in CDC guidelines, Florida is more open than ever, with the state continuing to strive toward normalcy in the coming months.

No Income Tax

Florida is one of the few states that lack income tax, and it’s led to people from income tax heavy states like Connecticut and New York move to Florida. The lack of income tax has also led to many wealthy people and celebrities to take up residence in Florida, something that potentially increases industry and business.

Overall, there are several different reasons why people are moving to Florida. The weather is temperate, the pandemic restrictions fairly light, and the personal income tax nonexistent. The pandemic has led to many residents in other states to look for greener pastures, and there’s no beating the evergreen palms and pines of Florida.

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